Created in 1975, the Marie-Vincent Foundation supports children and adolescents who are victims of sexual and physical violence. Under one roof, they get services and a space to grow and develop into their full potential.


«Fifteen years ago, Marie-Vincent had the chance to undertake an extraordinary collaboration with the team of the Montreal Real Estate Foundation for Kids. This support was a determinant one for our organization because it allowed us to have a welcoming centre for the young victims of sexual violence that we guide. Our premises are adapted to their needs and also allow us to receive our financial partners under the same roof.»

Jessica Pathy, Chair of the Board of Directors


Family support




Your donations helped the Centre d’expertise en agression sexuelle Marie-Vincent purchase its first condominium. The Centre can accommodate children ages 12 and under to offer them the services of many professionals including police officers and specialists in medical, psychosocial and therapeutic services.

Where to find them

La fondation Marie-Vincent

4689, avenue Papineau, 3e étage 
Montréal, QC, H2H 1V4
514 362-6226

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