Since 1991, L’Ancre des Jeunes has supported kids staying in school. Located in Verdun, it offers personalized dropout prevention and re-entry support services, as well as a program of educational day camps.


« We could not have carried out this project without the Foundation. Today, young people can trace the path of vegetables to their plate, get involved in cooking workshops, and reclaim their diet. Through small successes during these activities, they regain confidence and regain the power of commitment. The next step is to renovate the kitchen workshop with renewed support from the Foundation.»

Denis Deschamps, Chairman of the Board of Directors


Homework assistance

Transition Program

Connecting with your future

Return to school support

L’Ancre adventures

Summer Day camp

Your donations have enabled the construction of a rooftop educational greenhouse to accompany an urban agriculture module aimed at restoring the importance of food in the eyes of young people and mobilizing them around a hands-on project.

Where to find them

L’Ancre des Jeunes

3565, boul. Lasalle
Verdun, QC, H4G 1Z5

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